Soccer Girl College

about us

in short

Lioness Abroad aims to assist girls in going to the USA to play soccer and study. The company was established by Masja (who has played college soccer in Florida herself) and Moniek (who helped her prepare for this adventure).


We found the way to America quite complex, despite the assistance of an expensive agency. Now that we are familiar with all the steps, we want to share our experience!


We wished we had had a concrete roadmap: it could save us a lot of stress and money!

The team

Masja Hoogendoorn
Moniek Löffler

We are happy to help

Helping girls to study and play soccer in the US in an affordable and simple way: that is our ambition!

why us?


Lioness Abroad offers customization, flexibility and control.


Most other agencies offer a ‘one fits all’ system. This has many drawbacks.


On average, Lioness Abroad is €2500 cheaper than other agencies.


We are cheaper on purpose, because this company isn’t our livelihood and we believe this adventure should be for everyone.


Our step-by-step plan (consisting of three modules) provides an overview of the entire process.


Most other companies don’t offer this kind of overview. Besides, they promise to take a lot of work off your hands, but experience shows that the candidate still has a whole lot to do.

more info?

Any questions about the system or do you want to know more about the experience? You can always reach us by mail and/or ask for an noncommittal conversation!