Our products consist of separately acquirable modules and unique lists with hundreds of coaches' email addresses. Furthermore, we can provide advice if needed.


Do you have any questions about our system or do you want to know more about the experience? Request a free and non-binding conversation via the contact page. We can tell you all about our experiences and explain the steps you need to take on the way to America. We also explain how we work and what you can expect from us. 



Module A (preparation) contains a detailed step-by-step plan you can follow as a start for your America adventure. The booklet provides practical information and examples.



Module B (recruitment) describes, among other things, how to find and approach coaches, how to conduct negotiations and how to calculate your own personal contribution. This module also contains sample emails.



Module B PLUS (recruitment phase) corresponds to module B with the additional service that we provide the first recruitment emails to coaches of the desired competitions. According to American coaches, this will make a serious response and good scholarship offer more likely.



Module C (completion) shows which steps (can) be taken with regard to enrolment and admission to a university and further preparation. For example, arranging a visa & insurance. It also contains 'tips and tricks' about travelling to and living in The United States.


adress lists

As an extra service, we offer separately acquirable lists with names and (mail) details of coaches (for different types of competitions and associated universities or colleges). In total, this concerns 200-300 addresses per competition. These lists are really unique!


extra advice

In addition to these modules, we offer advice and / or support on an hourly basis. You can always contact us for this, after which we indicate which options there are and how much the requested support will cost.

more info?

Any questions about the system or do you want to know more about the experience? You can always reach us by mail and/or ask for an noncommittal conversation!