why us?

We offer an unique system of separately acquirable products and lists of coaches’ contact information. The modules explain the progress of becoming a student athlete in fine detail.

We recently followed all these steps ourselves. It cost us lots of energy, time and research, even though we were being ‘mentored’ by an expensive recruitment agency. Because we believe the process could be much easier and clear-cut, we established Lioness Abroad.



Lioness Abroad offers an unique system of modules and contact lists. This system has three major advantages:


- Customization

You can determine exactly how much support you need.


- Flexibility

Investing in individual modules is flexible and makes it possible to orient yourself before you are bound to follow-up steps.


- Control

Through our extensive step-by-step plans, you have access to all the information and you know exactly what is going on.

other agencies

Most companies offer an ‘one fits all’ system. This system has a few drawbacks:


- Standardized process

You cannot choose to carry out parts yourself and thus make the process cheaper.


- Restriction

You usually sign a contract and pay before the entire mediation process even starts. In this system there is no room for quitting prematurely as you changed your mind. You need to be a 100% sure of this difficult choice from the very start.


- Dependence

In this system you generally don’t know when the mediation agency will take which steps. You lose control over the process and your own future.



other agencies

(dependent on the chosen modules)

(most other companies)



Be aware that the preparation process to play soccer and study in The States takes a lot of time and work. This applies to everyone, regardless of your chosen agency.

Our modules are easy to follow and based on recent experiences. Our step-by-step plan provides an overview of the entire process. This gives a feeling of calmness and confidence.

other agencies

Most agencies suggest they take a lot of work off your hands, but experience shows a candidate still has to take the vast majority of the steps herself. Examples of such steps: making a video, registering for tests, maintaining contacts with the coach and negotiating, registering for the sports division, registering for university, arranging all necessary documents, insurance and visa.

It is sometimes difficult to keep track of your progress, as you do not have a fixed step-by-step plan to follow.

more info?

Any questions about the system or do you want to know more about the experience? You can always reach us by mail and/or ask for an noncommittal conversation!